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OpenSea NFT trading volume surges as Bored Ape mania intensifies

NFT trading volumes on OpenSea are surging in January amid a renewed speculative frenzy on Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC). According to data posted by “rchen8” on Dune Analytics, OpenSea has generated more than $700 million worth of trading volume since the start of 2022, with Jan. 3 being the biggest day of the year with a whopping $255.8 million worth of 24-hour volume.While popular onlookers as Wu Blockchain have asserted that the volume on Jan. 3 was a record high for OpenSea, previous data posted by rchen8 on Dune Analytics shows that Aug. 29 saw the all-time high (ATH) of $322 million. In December, OpenSea’s monthly volume topped $3.24 billion and fell just 5.3% short of the platform’s ATH in August of $3.42 billion. With the NFT marketplace already conducting more than $700 million worth of trading volume within the first four days of January, the record highs may soon be broken if the momentum continues throughout this month. Bored Ape maniaA factor that may be contributing to OpenSea’s surging volumes, is the recent mania surrounding the BAYC and MAYC NFTs along with a basket of other projects from Yuga Labs. Data from CryptoSlam shows that the MAYC is currently the top-ranked NFT project in terms of seven-day volume on secondary markets at $93.2 million, with the BAYC NFTs following closely behind at second with $88.4 million. Related: Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs catch up to CryptoPunks, flips floor priceOver the past 30 days, the MAYC and BAYC projects have generated $189.7 million and $182.6 million apiece, making them the third and fourth highest ranked NFT collections at the time of writing. In terms of 24-hour volume, MAYC has garnered $18.7 million worth of secondary volume, while the BAYC has generated $14 million. According to OpenSea, the current floor price for BAYC NFTs is a hefty 67 Ether (ETH) worth roughly $250,000, while the MAYC NFTs are currently going for 15.87 ETH, or $59,300. In January so far, several Pop-culture icons such as rapper Eminem, musician Britney Spears, and comedian Dave Chappelle all reportedly snapping up BAYC NFTs for six-figure sums this month. BREAKING: @DaveChappelle just purchased @BoredApeYC #8343 for 99 ETH ($371,343.06) WelcomeWallet created today, and ENS held the domain davidchappelle.eth for him and allowed him to mint 2 it hours agoIronically, his name on OpenSea is “FollowtheWhitePeople” pic.twitter.com/E7B3ynpqCy— m0rgan.ethᵍᵐ ‍♀️ (@Helloimmorgan) January 2, 2022

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Nifty News: Decentraland Times Square NYE party, Mutant Apes go bananas and more…

Times Square NYE party in DecentralandDecentralized Metaverse project Decentraland will unveil the virtual reality version of the iconic Times Square via a New Years Eve party that coincides with the timing of the real life celebration in New York city. The event is called the “MetaFest 2022 NYE Party” and will run until 8:00 am UTC on Jan. 1 in Decentraland’s Estate 4 district. It will feature live music, rooftop VIP lounges, a new tokenized collectibles and wearables drop, live feeds of real world NYE events across the globe, CryptoArt galleries and games. The virtual reality equivalent of the famous spot at the heart of New York is called “One Times Square,”, with the “one time” pun suggesting that the structure may be dissolved after the party concludes. Celebrate New Year’s in Times Square… in Decentraland!https://t.co/phe7qr10LY— Decentraland (@decentraland) December 29, 2021“Let’s party like it’s 2022: for Meta or for Worse” Decentraland punned in the event invite. Only around 150 people have registered their attendance so far, but you know how it is with parties — first you worry no one’s coming and then everybody shows up at once..Surging interest for Mutant ApesYuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club spinoff project the Mutant Ape Yacht Club has risen to the top of the secondary sales volume charts. According to data from CryptoSlam, interest in the Mutant Ape Yacht club NFTs have surged 355.29% over the past 30 days, generating $76.8 million worth of sales on secondary markets.The NFTs depict Mutant versions of the widely popular Bored Ape avatars, and it is currently the top ranked project in terms of 24 hour and 7 day volume.The recent trend appears to be part of a larger demand of Yuga Lab’s NFTs, as the seven-day secondary volume for its other projects such as the Bored Ape Kennel Club and the Bored Ape Chemistry Club have also increased by 915% and 345% respectively. While Yuga Lab’s NFT projects all sit in the top 10 of seven day sales volume, the biggest surge in demand appears to be for the Solana-based Crypto Astronauts NFTs, with secondary sales volume increasing by a whopping 172,235% within that time frame. Taking NFTs to the bank?Crypto-friendly Swedish bank Mecro Bank has outlined plans to enter the NFT and Metaverse sector. The bank offers services across Europe and is currently working on a pilot project to launch a digital asset custody service in the future.According to a Dec. 29 announcement, Mecro Bank aims to launch its own NFT collectibles as a new way to “make money,” and it is currently working on strategies to roll out a virtual banking experience across Metaverse-based virtual worlds. The firm cited the importance of integrating its services with emerging technologies and trends to meet the growing demand of users. “[The] Metaverse has been tipped to grow in importance as a digital financial platform for banking and financial transactions, as well as personal and business interactions. In order to make this new environment as immersive and realistic as possible, managing finances and transactions effectively will be critical,” the announcement read. Related: Leading toymakers launch NFTs on carbon-neutral blockchainCipher Punks NFT drop causes a stirAn unlicensed NFT project dubbed “Cipher Punks” depicting key figures from the Cypherpunk movement has been shut down after pushback from people featured in the tokenized artworks.The team behind the project, ItsBlockchain revealed in a Dec. 29 blog post that it was shutting down the collection of 500 NFTs just three days after launch, citing feedback from Cypherpunks who “didn’t like the idea of their images being used as NFTs and digital drawings.”Figures such as Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) speech activist and director Jillian York, noted on Twitter on Dec. 27 that they “don’t approve of this whatsoever” and asked the team to remove the NFT and digital artwork depicting them. I don’t approve of this whatsoever and would like it removed. https://t.co/xy6W2w97NF— Jillian C. York (@jilliancyork) December 26, 2021

The ItsBlockchain team said that it will be refunding every “single penny” anyone spent on the project, including gas fees and it has completely wiped the project off the internet, with its social media pages and OpenSea accounts no longer accessible. “We were not aware of the likeness laws in NFTs as the market is not regulated. It’s our mistake. We have to own up to it,” the blog post read. Well, someone reposted the NFT collection. This won’t go away, will it? https://t.co/4jQo0kUQ9h cc: @mattblaze @kataclyst @runasand @evacide @joncallas— Jillian C. York (@jilliancyork) December 27, 2021

Other Nifty NewsKraken co-founder and CEO Jesse Powell revealed last week that the crypto exchange will launch a nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace that will enable users to borrow funds against their NFTs.Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari is making moves in the blockchain industry after it penned a partnership with Swiss blockchain startup Velas Network. The deal will potentially see the with rollout of licensed Ferrari NFTs, as the start up firm has a specific focus on the sector.

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Adidas Originals to launch debut NFT collection

Adidas Originals have announced the upcoming launch of their nonfungible token (NFT) collection titled Into the Metaverse.Although details on the supply are sparse at this time, it has been revealed that the digital asset will serve as an access token, promising holders’ exclusive access to future merchandise, physical and digital product and services, rewards within the newly attained land plot in The Sandbox, and more.The collection’s sale will commence via the company’s official website on Dec. 17 at a price of 0.2 ETH, equivalent to approximately $810 at the time of writing.Cointelegraph spoke to NFT influencer GMoney to discuss his expectations for Adidas’ emergence into the NFT market:“They have been very thoughtful and deliberate on their entrance into the space. I think they will help empower communities and creators by building together.”On Dec. 2, Adidas Originals announced their foray into the metaverse with partnerships with Bored Ape Yacht Club, GMoney, and PUNKS Comic, stating that digital worlds that constitute the metaverse will be a place “where anyone can express their most original ideas and be their most authentic selves.”Alongside this, it was revealed that Adidas purchased Ape #8774 — a blue-furred, heart-bespectacled ape with a fisherman’s hat and gold hoop earning — on Sept 17th for 46ETH, a little over $150,000 at the time.Upon the announcement, the ape was displayed in an Adidas tracksuit sporting the logos of the three respective partners, as well as a side-ways Adidas logo.#NewProfilePic pic.twitter.com/Dve8TbXT9k— adidas Originals (@adidasoriginals) December 2, 2021Related: NFT sales aim for a $17.7B record in 2021: Cointelegraph ResearchGMoney spoke about his role in supporting the brands entrance into the space in a culturally-conscious way, stating:“I have been speaking to them since April, helping to guide them in their strategy, offering feedback on ideas, to make sure that they enter the space in a truly authentic manner. And I think we’re seeing that play out now, as Adidas has had the most authentic entry into the space so far.”Over the last few months, a number of established corporations, celebrities and cultural influencers have declared their intentions to develop or participate within the NFT and metaverse space as the opportunities of the Web3 become evident.On Dec. 14, fellow sportwear brand and direct competitor Nike unveiled their presence in the metaverse space with the acquisition of virtual sneaker brand RTKFT. The undisclosed purchase succeeded RTFKT’s highly-successful CloneX avatar drop, an NFT project Cointelegrpa discussed in-depth with one of the co-founders, Chris Le in early October this year.

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