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Stop the steal? Trump family threatens legal action against TrumpCoin

A low cap cryptocurrency named TrumpCoin (TRUMP) has finally drawn the ire of the Trump dynasty six years after it entered the market. On Jan. 25, Donald Trump’s second son Eric threatened legal action against the TRUMP cryptocurrency for allegedly using his family’s name fraudulently.Fraud Alert: It has come to our attention that someone is promoting a crypto currency called “TrumpCoin” (Symbol  “TRUMP.”) This has NOTHING to do with our family, we do not authorize the use and we are in no way affiliated with this group. Legal action will be taken.— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) January 24, 2022TRUMP is a cryptocurrency that launched in Q1 2016 as the campaign season to elect the 45th President of the United States began. It claims to be “A Cryptocurrency created by Patriots for Patriots around the World.” The TrumpCoin team apparently anticipated litigation at some point from the Trump family. About 24 hours after Eric’s threat, the TrumpCoin Twitter account fired back by highlighting a disclaimer on its website acknowledging that TrumpCoin is in no way affiliated with the Trump family or any of its related properties. @EricTrump, this is on our website https://t.co/ilziwkSinB. https://t.co/mhWEnQhqYS pic.twitter.com/ISO394MkHN— Trumpcoin – #1 Patriot Cryptocurrency (@TrumpCoinWW) January 24, 2022

TRUMP is currently trading at $0.28 with a 24-hour trading volume of $13,313 according to CoinGecko.The Trump family is no stranger to the crypto industry. Melania Trump recently auctioned off a hat she wore while she was the First Lady. Payment was made in Solana (SOL). She also congratulated Bitcoin (BTC) on its 13th birthday at the start of this year.Donald Trump, however, does not hold cryptocurrency in as high regard as his wife. Last October, he said that cryptocurrency is a threat to US Dollar hegemony in the world. He also said that he hopes digital currencies like China’s Digital Yuan do not create insurmountable competition for the dollar.TRUMP joins a short but growing list of crypto pro that have come under fire over naming and branding rights. Related: Kanye West wants royalties from Paparazzi photos, with the help of NFTsThe estate of Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkein took aim at the crypto named JRR Token for using the author’s name. On Nov. 23 of last year, the crypto was forced to shut down and delete any content that infringed on the estate’s copyrighted intellectual property.Popular fast food restaurant Jack in the Box also sued FTX over copyright infringement. The chain alleged FTX’s “Moon Man” mascot copied its “Jack” mascot. The case was settled out of court on Jan. 21.Ripple Labs was sued in Australian court last August for copying the name of a preexisting nationwide payments service named PayID.

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World’s biggest douchebag releases NFT collection

Around the world, douchebags are getting into NFTs in a big way.Now it’s true that there are thousands and thousands of legitimate artists in the growing non-fungible token space, and that precisely none of them are Paris Hilton.And sure, NFTs are a potentially world-changing phenomenon that were just declared ArtReview’s most powerful entity in the art world, though probably not as a result of the “catastrophic failure” that resulted in John Cena selling just 37 sad copies of a one thousand-NFT drop.There may indeed be all kinds of use-cases for NFTs — such as the censorship-proof preservation of historical records — that will cause future generations to wonder why it took us so long.But don’t let any of these important developments detract from the absolute douchebaggery that’s currently being unleashed on the world by people like Jacob Chansley.You remember Jacob, right? This guy.Yep, the guy who participated in an insurrection designed to prevent the certification of a duly-elected President in a peaceful democracy has released a talentless, money-grabbing, opportunistic-weasel collection of excruciating tat, hoping to cash in on his brief moment of notoriety while he rots in prison for the next 41 months.Chansley’s collection of 1,006 Shamans is billed by his PR rep (insurrectionists get PR reps?) as an opportunity for buyers to join “a community of individuals intrigued by the intersection of politics, crypto, media, tribalism, and Shamanic culture.”It is not billed as “A criminal douchebag trying to snatch your cash using only the power of absolutely shameless exploitation”. But you say tomato.The collection itself is intriguing, in much the same way that you might wonder why multi-colored foods go in… and yet they all come out the same color.Chansley has a variety of douchey costumes that go with his insurrectionist character ‘QAnon Shaman’ — one being a horned fur hat, another being an orange jumpsuit. Sadly the latter doesn’t seem to make an appearance in the hackneyed, half-assed and derivative collection of behorned cartoons.The majority of these lazy and unimaginative illustrations appear to have been created “under exclusive license” by an “anonymous artist”, which should excite collectors everywhere.The press release, which has far more artistic merit, notes that the series contains “never before seen images of Jacob donning crypto apparel” and — get this! — that it “exists to spark a productive and thoughtful discourse.” Because of course it does.Cointelegraph reached out for further comment to Chansley’s press representative after receiving this intriguing message: “Happy to provide more quotes and context from Jacob and his mother if you’re interested in covering this”.Yep, if there’s one person we want to talk to more than the QAnon Shaman, it’s his mom.The collection is out there somewhere, although I’ll be damned if I’m going to link to it. But have at it, if you must — just remember that if you’re buying an NFT to support a crazed right-wing conspiracy theorist and Trumpian lunatic… he later expressed disappointment in Trump.And that’s despite his lawyer’s insistence that Chansley “had a fondness for Trump that was not unlike the first love a man may have for a girl, or a girl for a man, or man for a man.” Oddly that doesn’t seem to be illustrated either, though it’s worth speculating on what it might look like.Still, you could always buy Melania’s cobalt eyes.

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