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Comedian Stephen Colbert spoofs 'Colbert Coin' in response to rise in crypto scams

Stephen Colbert, the charismatic host of CBS’ The Late Show, is once again associating many cryptocurrencies with scams — but doing so by parodying the vernacular of a seasoned HODLer.In a Wednesday segment on members of Generation Z falling for scams inside and outside of the crypto space, Colbert referenced the rug pull behind a token inspired by Netflix’s show Squid Game, in which thousands of investors lost more than $3 million. Together with “certified young person” and staff writer Eliana Kwartler, Colbert debuted an “amazing investment opportunity” designed to obtain people’s credit card numbers, first pet names and the names of the street on which they grew up.“If Gen Zs want to stay safe online, they should invest in this new, amazing cryptocurrency token — it’s called Colbert Coin,” said Kwartler. “With Colbert Coin, you give us your savings, and then we cryptocurrency it. After that, you never have to worry about it any more, my stans.”Colbert Coin, from The Late Show with Stephen ColbertColbert added:“We’re busy turning your cash into future money — to the moon, apes!”The host of both the Late Show and Colbert Report was one of the few late-night talk show personalities to discuss crypto as early as 2013 when the price of Bitcoin (BTC) was fluctuating between $50–$300. At the time, Colbert described the crypto asset as something that has value “just because a bunch of people on the Internet have agreed that it is worth something.”Related: Bitcoin payments are the ‘second stupidest idea I’ve heard,’ says Late Show’s Stephen ColbertFellow comedian Jon Stewart — under whom Colbert worked as a correspondent on The Daily Show — joked about a similar token project using his name in December:And if you like the “website” you’ll love my next project. Crypto “Stewcoin”!— Jon Stewart (@jonstewart) December 16, 2021In the cases of both Colbert and Stewart, their fake projects parody a very real problem in the crypto space: Celebrities who shill tokens that may or may not turn out to be fraudulent. Kim Kardashian promoted EthereumMax (EMAX) in an Instagram story in June 2021—a token that gained 116,000% in one week before falling more than 99% and leaving many investors in the red. According to a Thursday report from Chainalysis, scammers received $7.8 billion in crypto stolen from victims over 2021, of which more than $2.8 billion came from rug pulls. While the report noted that 90% of the total value lost to rug pulls in 2021 was the result of major Turkish crypto exchange Thodex halting trading and withdrawals, all others involved DeFi projects. Chainalysis attributed the prevalence of rug pulls to the “hype around the space” in addition to the lack of code audits for certain DeFi projects.

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Nifty News: The Red Ape Family show, Mini Royale on Solana and The Weeknd’s NFT collection

Catch up on nonfungible token (NFT)-related news this week as Cointelegraph rounds up the stories you don’t want to miss. Bored Apes gets cast in an TV seriesThe Red Ape Family (TRAF) is a new animated comedy series centered on Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs. Episodes are sold as individual NFTs and run between 5 to 10 minutes long. The plot is about a family of Bored Apes that escape Earth to live on Mars.OpenSea is already reselling Episode 1 and the yet-to-be-released Episode 2 is available to mint. One Episode 1 token holder received a Bored Ape, three token holders won two Mutant Apes, and others were airdropped a poster, gravity sneakers and a discount to mint Episode 2.The cast, made up mostly of Bored Apes, will also include Mutant Apes, the Bored Ape Kennel Club, Coolcats, Craniums and Lions. Rapper 2 Chainz is an executive producer. The first episode is available on YouTube:[embedded content]The Weeknd drops animated NFT collection on AutographThe Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” song became the No. 1 song on Billboard’s Greatest Songs of All Time Hot 100 Chart and to mark the milestone, the artist and Billboard released a series of NFTs this week.The seven-piece NFT collection includes a one-to-one NFT featuring The Weeknd’s November 2021 Billboard cover, as well as three trading cards, each in two editions, inspired by the “Blinding Lights” music video. Each piece is signed by The Weeknd.Fans can purchase these NFTs on Tom Brady’s Autograph marketplace.”Blinding Lights” is officially the #1 Hot 100 song – of all time. In celebration, we’ve partnered with @theweeknd and @billboard on a limited-edition, hand-signed collection exclusively on @opensea. Auction starts today, December 20 at 5pm ET. https://t.co/JV54p3RSvR pic.twitter.com/PMLWsUYvAN— Autograph (@Autograph) December 20, 2021Related: Ubisoft pursues NFT initiative with Aleph.im following fan backlashMini Royale game adds 2M playersMini Royale: Nations, a web-based first-person shooter, became the first live multiplayer game to run on Solana after existing as a blockchain-integration-free game for months. Following the launch of its first in-game NFT items, the number of active players has doubled.On Dec 16, 2021, Mini Royale: Nations became the first live multiplayer game on @solana pic.twitter.com/WnTO8tGQnX— Mini Royale: Nations (@MiniNations) December 16, 2021

However, Mini Royale is not a play-to-earn game. An NFT acts as an in-game avatar and owners can receive benefits, including the game’s upcoming CHEDDAR token. So far, Mini Royale NFTs have sold for 17,637 SOL, worth roughly $3.2 million, on the Magic Eden market place. RadioShack makes a comeback in cryptoAfter filing for bankruptcy twice in 2015 and in 2017, the century-old former electronics retailer is planning to launch the RADIO token as part of “RadioShack DeFi” that will enable users to trade tokens via the Atlas USV protocol. Atlas USV is a project that is attempting to build a universal base layer for the DeFi sector.Are you ready? https://t.co/gXXKXc1UT2#RadioShack #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency pic.twitter.com/rXT3HvGli1— RadioShack (@RadioShack) December 19, 2021

According to its proposal, RadioShack’s new mission is “to be the first protocol to bridge the gap in mainstream usage of DeFi.” By targeting “blue-chip, large corporations” and aiding their transformation into blockchain companies, RadioShack wants to educate CEOs and an older generation of crypto users.Related: 3 embroidery artists weave NFT charity drop to help victims of human traffickingOther Nifty NewsAs the year draws to an end, Cointelegraph rounded up the top ten NFT projects of 2021 based on trading volume and communities.For a more in-depth look at the prices behind the top collections, the Cointelegraph Research team released an 80-page report on NFTs. It found that the CryptoPunks collection has had the highest return for collectors since 2017, while Bored Ape Yacht Club has had the highest return for collectors in 2021.

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South Park excoriates NFTs as investments in latest vision of post-COVID future

Apparently, it only took a pandemic for the writers behind the animated TV series South Park to offer their take on nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies… and it’s not a positive outlook.In its “Post COVID: The Return of COVID” special that aired Thursday, South Park depicted one of the show’s protagonists, Leopold “Butters” Stotch, also known as Victor Chaos, locked away in an insane asylum for years after it’s discovered he has a certain power to wreak havoc on the world. That power? Gathering investors to put all their money into NFTs. When he manages to get out of his cell, the result is comical violence, comparisons to drug use, and the possible downfall of society:“He escaped once before. In just a few hours he managed to get thousands of people to invest in NFTs, just like he almost did you […] another 30 seconds in that room and you would have started considering NFTs as a viable investment.”NFTs in south park pic.twitter.com/LnEkVvcYjA— edgar.eth (@EdgarAronov) December 16, 2021Though referencing aspects of the crypto space in mainstream media has become somewhat common, South Park — which often tackles topical issues with a comedic twist — seems to have avoided mentioning token projects with seemingly absurd names for the last ten years. Bitcoin (BTC) only made its first appearance in 2008, and though everyone in South Park’s fictional future of the 2060s still used the cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange, they also described it as a “fly-by-night Ponzi scheme.”Related: Imprisoned Silk Road founder causes a stir with NFT dropSouth Park’s vision of a world roughly 40 years from now implies the frenzy around NFT drops is unlikely to subside for many investors. This week, Wikipedia entered the space for the first time, selling a tokenized version of the first message posted to its website in 2001 for $750,000. However, some NFTs have been auctioned off for millions of dollars and traded for valuable real-world items, including cars.

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