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OpenSea trading volume set for record month despite crypto market retreat

The world’s leading NFT marketplace OpenSea is poised to break its own record for monthly sales on Ethereum as daily volumes are surging.OpenSea’s $2.1 billion in trading volume of nonfungible tokens (NFT) through Jan. 10 is more than half the total trading volume for the entirety of August 2021, the highest month on record. Volume reached nearly $3.5 billion in that month, according to Dune Analytics.The marketplace is currently on pace to top $6 billion in trading volume for January should the current trend continue.Current trading volume on OpenSea has been driven by the new PhantaBear collection, which recorded 17,124.79 ETH ($53 million) in sales over the past seven days. Bored Ape Yacht Club is a close second place with 16,657.78 ($51.5 million). Jay Chou YYDS pic.twitter.com/LbhAjIRmzv— Ezek (@EzekClub) January 10, 2022Aggregated data from CryptoSlam shows the Doodles collection as the leader in sales across all NFT marketplaces, with nearly $56 million in sales over the past seven days. It currently ranks third in trading volume on OpenSea.Other key factors contributing to the record pace for OpenSea according to Dune include the number of active users, which at 260,369 is rapidly approaching the all-time high of 362,679 tallied last month. OpenSea has shown that there is still a tremendous amount of room to fill for NFT marketplaces, as trading volumes have remained high for over six months straight and surpassed $4 billion globally over the past 30 days. In light of that, alternative marketplaces such as the new LooksRare (LOOKS) and Solana’s Magic Eden intend to siphon off at least a portion of OpenSea’s volume.Related: OpenSea raises $300M for encrypted digital marketplaceThe NFT markets have experienced a veritable resurgence in interest since the beginning of the new year. Volumes across all platforms tracked by NFT market data source NonFungible show a steady increase since Jan. 1 when total daily sales reached nearly 15,671 items. Between Jan. 7 and 8, sales spiked up from 13,189 to 36,041 NFTs. Daily sales hit a monthly high of 29,921 NFTs on Jan. 10.

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Nifty News: Rarible fixes bug, real home and virtual twin auction, Mega City in The Sandbox

NFT marketplace Rarible temporarily cancelled orders from OpenSea and sent a series of tweets today outlining how it plans to help combat what it called “risky sale orders” on OpenSea with a new order management tool.The tool is designed to help users differentiate between their active and inactive orders to help prevent their NFTs from being mistakenly sold even if they cancel an OpenSea order by transferring the asset to another wallet.Part of Rarible’s business model is aggregating OpenSea orders on its platform.Since late Dec. 2021, OpenSea users have noticed a bug which allows assets to remain up for sale on Rarible even when their assets have been moved to a different wallet. Rarible explained:“When you move your item out, the order can’t be fulfilled anymore. But when the item gets back to your wallet, the order is active on-chain again. The secure way to remove a listing is to cancel it on-chain.”Rarible’s tool displays orders as either Active or Inactive to mitigate the confusion about what assets are actually up for sale. Rarible said in a tweet, “Active orders are on right now and require most of your attention,” while “Inactive orders are the orders that will become active in case the NFT gets back to your wallet.”Rarible is currently the ninth-largest NFT marketplace according to DappRadar.Buy LAND near The Sandbox’s new Mega CityThe Sandbox (SAND), a metaverse platform and decentralized gaming virtual world has announced it will create a Mega City with a focus on contemporary cultural icons and the expansion of Hong Kong culture into the MetaverseA slew of new partners who own LAND and are well-known in Hong Kong have signed up including tycoon Adrian Cheng, investing leader Sun Hung Kai & Co, professional services firm PwC Hong Kong, blockchain-related investment and asset management company TIMES CAPITAL, director, producer and actor Stephen Fung, actress Shu Qi, musician Dough-Boy, game IP Little Fighter, and local illustrator Dreamergo.The Sandbox has scheduled a LAND sale on Jan. 13 to allow users to purchase LAND outside of Mega City hubs.CEO of major The Sandbox backer Animoca Brands CEO Yat Siu said that:”The Sandbox and virtual land has really caught people’s imagination and attention in this region.”Real-world and virtual-world home auctionedA collaboration between ONE Sotheby’s International Realty and Voxel Architects will see a real house sold in tandem with a virtual copy in The Sandbox.The real house in Miami, USA, and will be an 11,000 square foot home with seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms on one acre of land. The houses are still under construction and are expected to be included in a Sothetby’s auction in 2022. The price rangehas not yet been determined. CoolWallet Pro to support NFTsCoolbitX, manufacturer of the crypto wallet CoolWallet Pro, announced at CES 2022 that its crypto wallet has added NFT support. Integrated support for NFTs will be usable with OpenSea and Rarible NFT marketplaces. The brand hopes to attract new users to the crypto space and introduce them to the metaverse and Play to Earn. CoolBitX founder and CEO Michael Ou said:“NFT support on the CoolWallet will help to seamlessly blend our users’ physical and virtual worlds, empowering them to manage and protect both their crypto assets and digital collectibles with confidence.”NFT sales top $530 million in 7 daysData from Nonfungible shows that the NFT market is continuing the wild growth that began in 2021 with the first week of 2022 totaling $530 million in sales and the highest-ever average price per asset at $5,215. Last year, over $23 billion of NFTs were sold according to a DappRadar report.The biggest sale over the past seven days was a SuperRare NFT which sold for nearly 250 ETH ($939,787). Bored Ape Yacht Club had by far the highest volume over the same time period with $216,869.Other Nifty NewsDigital asset curator Metaversal closed a $50 million funding round to help expand its NFT portfolio and investment capabilities in the Metaverse and NFT spaces. The funding round was led by Coinfund and Foxhaven.Golfing startup LinksDAO raised $10.5 million to fund its desire to buy golf courses and develop the LINKS cryptocurrency. Funds were raised through an NFT sale of over 9,000 “leisure memberships” and “global memberships.”

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OpenSea NFT trading volume surges as Bored Ape mania intensifies

NFT trading volumes on OpenSea are surging in January amid a renewed speculative frenzy on Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC). According to data posted by “rchen8” on Dune Analytics, OpenSea has generated more than $700 million worth of trading volume since the start of 2022, with Jan. 3 being the biggest day of the year with a whopping $255.8 million worth of 24-hour volume.While popular onlookers as Wu Blockchain have asserted that the volume on Jan. 3 was a record high for OpenSea, previous data posted by rchen8 on Dune Analytics shows that Aug. 29 saw the all-time high (ATH) of $322 million. In December, OpenSea’s monthly volume topped $3.24 billion and fell just 5.3% short of the platform’s ATH in August of $3.42 billion. With the NFT marketplace already conducting more than $700 million worth of trading volume within the first four days of January, the record highs may soon be broken if the momentum continues throughout this month. Bored Ape maniaA factor that may be contributing to OpenSea’s surging volumes, is the recent mania surrounding the BAYC and MAYC NFTs along with a basket of other projects from Yuga Labs. Data from CryptoSlam shows that the MAYC is currently the top-ranked NFT project in terms of seven-day volume on secondary markets at $93.2 million, with the BAYC NFTs following closely behind at second with $88.4 million. Related: Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs catch up to CryptoPunks, flips floor priceOver the past 30 days, the MAYC and BAYC projects have generated $189.7 million and $182.6 million apiece, making them the third and fourth highest ranked NFT collections at the time of writing. In terms of 24-hour volume, MAYC has garnered $18.7 million worth of secondary volume, while the BAYC has generated $14 million. According to OpenSea, the current floor price for BAYC NFTs is a hefty 67 Ether (ETH) worth roughly $250,000, while the MAYC NFTs are currently going for 15.87 ETH, or $59,300. In January so far, several Pop-culture icons such as rapper Eminem, musician Britney Spears, and comedian Dave Chappelle all reportedly snapping up BAYC NFTs for six-figure sums this month. BREAKING: @DaveChappelle just purchased @BoredApeYC #8343 for 99 ETH ($371,343.06) WelcomeWallet created today, and ENS held the domain davidchappelle.eth for him and allowed him to mint 2 it hours agoIronically, his name on OpenSea is “FollowtheWhitePeople” pic.twitter.com/E7B3ynpqCy— m0rgan.ethᵍᵐ ‍♀️ (@Helloimmorgan) January 2, 2022

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OpenSea freezes $2.2M of stolen Bored Apes

NFT marketplace OpenSea has frozen 16 Bored Ape and Mutant Ape nonfungible tokens (NFT) after they were reportedly stolen yesterday from a New York art gallery operator.In total, one Clonex, seven Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and eight Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs currently valued at about 615 ETH ($2.28 million) were stolen and are now not able to be traded on OpenSea.The toddkramer.eth account, which links to the Ross+Kramer Art Gallery in New York, fired off a series of tweets detailing the 16 NFTs that were stolen from his hot wallet and pleading with OpenSea and the NFT community for help. While the NFT community was often unsympathetic to the trader’s plight, OpenSea froze trading on the stolen items.@gidwellsoon @Tob_Opensea @j1mmy I have been hacked. Please HelpApe 2771Ape 6416Ape 1623Ape 1708Ape 8214Ape 7528Ape 9988Ape 9410Mutants 25057Mutant 11177Mutant 28752Mutant 24718Mutant 2436Mutant 9278Mutant 2434Clonex 6801— toddkramer.eth (@toddkramer1) December 30, 2021The freeze on buying and selling the NFTs have some traders decrying a lack of decentralization, one of the cherished aspects of the crypto industry. One Twitter commenter kw.sol said, “Who was able to freeze the n? Feels pretty anti crypto to be asking third parties to do this and ideally they shouldn’t be able to.”Famed software engineer Grady Booch chimed in about the lack of decentralization in this case when he commented: “Silly me. And here I thought that the code is the law and that one of the very ideas of cryptocurrencies was the elimination of any possibility of centralized intervention. A hot wallet is a type of cryptocurrency software wallet that is connected to the internet — most commonly MetaMask — whenever the device it is installed on is connected.Kramer tweeted that he lost his collection through a phishing scam that gained access to his hot wallet after he clicked on a malicious link. He deleted the tweet following the harsh vitriol in the comments. Kramer most recently tweeted on Dec. 31 that he was surprised by the reaction:Twitter is ruuuuuuthlesssss— toddkramer.eth (@toddkramer1) December 30, 2021

While Kramer has little recourse in retrieving the stolen NFTs, his experience highlights the importance of sound operational security (opsec) as a cryptocurrency trader or NFT collector. He said that he has learned a lesson about opsec in handling valuable cryptocurrency when he tweeted yesterday:“Lessons learned. Use a hard wallet… “A hard wallet, otherwise known as a cold wallet, is a crypto wallet that does not connect to the internet until manually plugged into a computer and then each transaction needs to be approved using physical buttons. Hard wallets are a superior measure over hot wallets to secure crypto assets.Kramer’s ordeal is not a unique experience to NFT traders, especially those familiar with the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. On Dec. 26, NFT collector bergpay.eth said he suffered a similar fate to Kramer when 5 Jungle Freaks and 2 Sandbox NFTs were stolen from his Ethereum wallet and his ENS domain was transferred to a new address. On Nov. 30, Twitter account friesframe summed up the frustration that can overcome an NFT owner if they find that their favorite items have been stolen from their hot wallet. OpenSea has not frozen either bergpay’s or friesframe’s NFTs yet.

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OpenSea walks back on IPO plan following community backlash

The world’s top nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea has denied it intends to pursue a public listing any time soon.Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Brian Roberts sparked a public backlash this week when he told Bloomberg that “it would be foolish not to think about going public.” The statement caused an uproar among OpenSea’s crypto native NFT community, many of who see a public listing of the platform as a sell out to large institutional investors. The vast majority of users on OpenSea execute transactions below $10,000 at a time. “Sucks to hear @opensea is selling out and doing an IPO,” wrote Twitter user @Punk_2070, complaining the community rather than VCs had driven its success. “Just another reason why I can’t wait for @Coinbase_NFT. If we are using corporate vehicles, we might as well use the one that won’t go down three times a week.”Users also seemed miffed that a share market listing would put paid to rumors the platform was planning to airdrop governance tokens to longstanding community members in a similar fashion to Uniswap.No surprise that OpenSea is doing an IPO instead of community governance. Anyone who’s had the displeasure of speaking with OpenSea community support would know that OpenSea doesn’t care about community at all.They’re not web3, they’re tradfi 2.0— davis (@basedkarbon) December 6, 2021But Roberts apparently sees the whole thing as a misunderstanding and he blamed “inaccurate reporting on Opensea’s plans” regarding going public in a Dec. 8 tweet. “Let me set the record straight: there is a big gap between thinking about what an IPO might eventually look like & actively planning one. We are not planning an IPO, and if we ever did, we would look to involve the community.”Whether governed by the community or listed on the stock market, the NFT marketplace is hot property, recording $2 billion in trading volume from 1.1 million transactions and nearly 250,000 users over the past 30 days alone. The platform takes 2.5% from every trade, meaning it earned over $50 million in revenue in that time period.Related: Virtual land in the metaverse dominated NFT sales over past weekRoberts became OpenSea’s first CFO after resigning from Lyft earlier this week. He is experienced in tech and retail, having also previously worked for Walmart and Microsoft.

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