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GameStop shares jump 26% in after hours trade after NFT division unveiled

The share price of Reddit’s cult-favorite stock GameStop Corporation (GME) jumped by one quarter (in after-hours trading following a Wall Street Journal report on its upcoming NFT division. The U.S. retail game store giant has been quietly working on an NFT marketplace since May, and ramped things up in October by listing several job openings for Web 3.0 and NFT-experienced software engineers and product marketers. According to a Jan. 6 report from the WSJ, GameStop has now hired more than 20 people to operate its freshly minted NFT unit. An unnamed source familiar with GameStop’s plans told the outlet that the unit is building an NFT platform that enables the buying, selling and trading of gaming NFTs, along with establishing key cryptocurrency partnerships. The marketplace is slated to launch later this year, and the firm is said to be close to penning partnerships with two crypto companies that will share technology and co-invest in the development of blockchain and NFT games, along with other additional NFT projects.The news was warmly welcomed by after-hour traders who drove the price of GME up 26% since th market close to sit at $162.48 at the time of writing according to Tradingview. After-hours trading (AHT) is often quite volatile due to a lack of liquidity in the market but impacts the price of a stock in a similar way to regular trading. However, the WSJ’s lack of named sources, or direct confirmation from GameStop has raised the eyebrows of some more conspiratorially-minded GME fanatics. In a post that has 1,100 comments and a 97% upvote ratio on the r/Superstonk Reddit community, user “u/brettmagnetic” questioned if the WSJ article could actually have that much of a bullish effect on after-hours GME trading. “Sorry, but I don’t believe the movement in price after hours has to do with the WSJ posting about the Gamestop NFT market. I think something else is happening and this article was put out to give the NFT market as the scapegoat for the price increase.”User “MrFlags69” echoed similar sentiments, arguing that: “The author credited ‘the people’ as the only source I saw. This is anything but journalism.”Neither GameStop nor RC said shit today. WSJ is not on GameStop’s side. I’m not convinced that the AH bump was due to news about an NFT marketplace but rather a cover story for something going on BTS like forced FTD covering or margin calls. In any case, I buy and hold. pic.twitter.com/jDQFtTYIBr— ssddman.eth (@0xssddman) January 6, 2022

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Fractal: 110K join Discord of Twitch founder’s new NFT gaming marketplace

Twitch co-founder Justin Kan launched a new blockchain gaming-focused NFT marketplace yesterday dubbed Fractal.Fractal’s Discord group has since amassed more than 111,000 members, despite only being announced two weeks ago. At the time of writing, it appears that the most significant sale on the platform so far was for a Baby Scoot NFT that went for 4 Solana (SOL) worth roughly $680. The Solana-based marketplace enables users to buy, trade and hold NFTs used in blockchain games. In an announcement made yesterday, the firm unveiled its first partnered blockchain games, including The Sandbox, Nyan Heroes, Caveworld and Genopets, to name a few. first of all: we are live https://t.co/y2yO4R7Ty2— fractal ❄️ (@fractalwagmi) December 30, 2021As part of the announcement, Kan labeled the 111,000 strong Fractal community as one of the “fastest-growing” in crypto and added that:”Durable digital assets through NFTs are the future of gaming. We’ve partnered with some of the most innovative gaming companies on the Solana blockchain to bring that future forward.””Players are excited about blockchain games and we’re excited about all the new experiences that will be enabled by them,” he added.In a separate blog post, Fractal also revealed that it would be airdropping 100,000 Fractal NFTs to its members, teasing that they may hold governance rights over the marketplace and in-game provide in-game benefits in the future. “Fractals will come with benefits both on the Fractal marketplace and within our community. Mysterious and powerful, their full potential is yet to be discovered. Perhaps in the future, they may grant special powers and abilities in your favorite blockchain-based games, or unlock the doors to exciting new worlds ripe for exploring,” the post reads. Fractal also hinted that it would eventually expand support to other blockchains, with Ethereum likely to be the next in line considering that The Sandbox metaverse project is built on the network. As it stands, users are currently able to connect Solana-friendly wallets such as Phantom and buy and sell any of the NFTs from Solana-based gaming projects. Related: Nifty News: Decentraland Times Square NYE party, Mutant Apes go bananasSpeaking with Cointelegraph, Wendy Huang the co-founder of Australian-based Nyan Heroes cited the strong team behind Fractal as a key reason behind the company’s decision to partner with the platform.“Fractal’s game-centric NFT marketplace has the potential to become the premier hub and aggregator for gamers and gaming communities. The strength of their founding team gives Nyan Heroes further confidence that they could grow into a Steam-like platform,” she said.

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Gamer-hate: Ubisoft's new NFT project vid gets 96% dislike ratio

French gaming giant Ubisoft Entertainment SA’s new nonfungbile token (NFT) project Quartz is facing strong pushback from the gaming community. Ubisoft unveiled the Beta launch of Quartz via a brief YouTube video on Dec. 8 that has 214,721 views at the time of writing. The project aims to combine NFTs and blockchain technology with existing Triple-A game titles, and announced Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint as its first game to officially integrate NFTs. The video introduces Quartz as a platform that enables gamers to “collect the first playable and energy-efficient Ubisoft NFTs” that are dubbed as “Digits.” YouTube recently changed its policy to hide the number of dislikes a video on the platform gets, however the number can still be accessed by Google Chrome extensions. Upon using an extension, the video currently shows 1,400 likes and 37,000 dislikes which equates to a dislike ratio of roughly 96%. One of the top comments on the video from user “OperatorDrewski” currently has 2,600 likes with zero dislikes, and blasts Ubisoft’s NFT project as a quick cash grab as opposed to improving the overall gaming experience: “To me, this is a blatant signal that you’re just milking the Ghost Recon franchise for literally every cent while putting in minimal effort into the actual game itself. Not playing a GR game in the future if there’s this level of degeneracy in the team.”“You took a solid franchise and absolutely made it a laughing stock,” they added.This opinion appears to be shared by a significant number of the community, with users on Twitter also lashing out at the firm in response to its latest announcement as they threatened to uninstall the firm’s games and boycott Ubisoft completely. Because of my personal view of NFTs and not because of the environmemt entirely, I will now proceed to uninstall anything related to you right now and cease further purchases of your games.That is all. For people that dislike Current Ubi’s marketing, just stop buying.— Skyeeeely – Lazy VStreamer Cat (@Sukaaaily) December 7, 2021A Dec. 8 post over on the r/gaming page on Reddit shows a concerted effort to boycott the new NFT project. The post titled “do not support “Quartz”, the new NFT Ubisoft marketplace” from “u/WolverineKuzuri93” currently has 2,500 comments and an upvote ratio of 93% at more than 13,400 upvotes. The Redditor highlights similar issues to the top commenter on YouTube, noting that:“We have to stand against this practice. […] This is just another way to nickel and dime players with cosmetics rather than focusing on making quality products with depth. We have to let companies know this is anti-consumer.”“I’m not entirely against the concept of using an NFT style system for digital games. For example, actually owning your digital copy rather than just a license so you can sell it to another user’s account. That’s actually the future of digital gaming. What I’m against is how Ubisoft are doing it with in-game items,” they added. Gamer backlash to NFTsThis is not the first time a major firm has been flamed for looking at, or launching into the world of NFTs. Cointelegraph reported last month that community messaging app Discord was forced to walk back its Ethereum-based NFT integration plans, after the gamer community bombarded CEO Jason Citron. Citron initially teased his firm’s plans via a screenshot of a beta feature showing Ethereum NFT wallet support, however he was promptly hounded with thousands of comments calling on him to abandon the plans along with users threatening to cancel their paid Nitro subscriptions.Reddit: OpenSea walks back on IPO plan following community backlashUnlike the case of Ubisoft, where the community appears to be peeved by what they assert is a cash grab, the crypto-skeptics on Discord believe NFTs are a Ponzi scheme and damage the environment due to the energy required to mine cryptocurrencies.Cointelegraph has reached out to Ubisoft representatives for comment, and will update the story if they respond.

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Nifty News: Ulbricht’s NFT bids top 261 ETH, Irishman producer funds movies with NFTs

Silk Roads lead to nonfungile tokens Bidding for a 1/1 NFT auction created by imprisoned Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht has surpassed 261 Ether (ETH), $1.17 million at the time of writing. The NFT depicts a hand-drawn illustration from Ulbricht of a psychedelic eye, and is part of a collection of writings and nine other artworks he created, some while in prison, that are included as part of the NFT sale. The auction kicked off on day one of the Art Basil Miami art fair on Dec. 2 and is being hosted by SuperRare. The auction is set to conclude on Nov. 8 and proceeds from the sale will go towards a trust supporting Ulbricht’s fight to be freed from his double-life prison sentence, and will also help launch the donor-advised charitable fund Art4Giving that aims to help prisoners and their families. In a blog post announcing the NFT drop, Ulbricht said that while his future looks bleak during his ninth year in prison without parole, he can do something positive to heal all the “damage” he sees around him.$225K NFT on sale for $20?Speaking of the Art Basil Miami art fair, Dmitri Cherniak the founder of the Ethereum-based and algorithmically generated NFT collection “Ringers” made an appearance out the front, offering to sell one of his NFTs worth $225,000 for a mere $20. It is unclear if the move was in jest, or a genuine offer however Cherniak shared a picture of himself at the event with a note on his Ipad that read “Ringers #0 for sale for $20.” Despite the floor price for Ringers NFTs currently sitting at 50 ETH or $225,000 on OpenSea, the artist noted that nobody took him up on the offer. Stood outside of the Art Basel convention center with a sign that said “Ringers #0 for sale for $20” and no one took me up on the offer. pic.twitter.com/2DWr7aml4A— Dmitri Cherniak (@dmitricherniak) December 2, 2021One user on Twitter noted that the stunt was similar to that of world-famous street artist Banksy, who has reportedly taken to the streets on multiple occasions to sell his art.“This is just like Banksy selling on the streets and no one taking him up on it until he started slashing prices. Dmitri might have gotten a nibble from the normies at $5-10, they def ngmi,” user 5511 wrote. Polygon to launch NFT gamesPolygon (MATIC), the Ethereum-based layer-two scaling solution and its gaming unit Polygon Studios have entered into a strategic partnership with GameOn Entertainment Technologies Inc. to build NFT games. GameOn is a U.S.-based sports prediction and gaming firm that caters to sports and media entertainment.According to a Dec. 2 announcement, the deal will see GameOn launch a series of NFT games on the Polygon network, while Polygon Studios will provide non-dilutive funding for 50% of GameOn’s going product development costs. The investment from Polygon Studios is part of a $100 million fund announced earlier this year that is focused on backing Web3 projects, with investments so far including DraftKings, DeFine and GameOn. Related: Deadmau5 and Portugal The Man release single as 1M NFTs in bid to go platinumGameOn stated in the announcement the partnership with Polygon Studios will significantly help the firm ramp up plans for the NFT sector. “The Polygon Studios investment allows GameOn to offer the full stack of capabilities from the creation, minting and selling of NFTs, to the game layers it already deploys for white label customers such as prediction and fantasy games,” the announcement read.Irishman producer looks to fund movies with NFTsNeils Juul, the executive producer behind Martin Scorsese’s hit film The Irishman, has created a new NFT company that aims to fund Hollywood films via NFT sales. According to a Dec. 1 report from The Hollywood Reporter, Juul’s new firm is dubbed “NFT Studios” and already has plans to fund a new comedy-drama film from NFT sales called “A Wing and a Prayer.”The movie will depict the real-life story of Brian Melton, who became the first man to circumnavigate the globe in an ultralight aircraft back in 1998. The film aims to feature A-list actors and is set to be shot in Malta and London by next April.“We are in the middle of a great transition in the entertainment business where traditional ways of film funding and ownership are being uprooted due to the rapid rise of streamers and other digital platforms,” Juul told the publication. Other Nifty NewsOn Thursday, Adidas announced it was entering the Metaverse in partnership with the Bored Ape Yacht Club creators Yuga Labs, gmoney NFT, and PUNKS Comic.On the same day, registered investment adviser and fintech firm Defiance launched the first NFT-focused exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the New York Stock Exchange Arca. The fund is listed under the ticker symbol NFTZ and has a management fee of 0.65% per year.

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