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P2E game Nyan Heroes aims to save 1 billion sheltered cats

Cat themed play-to-earn (P2E) NFT game Nyan Heroes is aiming to save 1 billion cats from euthanization in animal shelters across the U.S.Nyan Heroes is an upcoming NFT battle royal shooter style game built on the Solana blockchain that will enable players to compete with each other using NFTs depicting animated cats that are used to pilot mech-robot NFTs in the game. The U.S. based project has been in development since October and the game is set for release in Q4 2022. Its first NFT drop is currently available for hodling and trading on marketplaces such as Fractal. According to data from Solana Art, Nyan Heroes is the fourth-highest NFT project on Solana in terms of seven day volume and market cap, at $279,000 and $18.2 million, respectively. In an interview with Cointelegraph, Nyan Heroes co-founder and Australian Wendy Huang outlined the firm’s charitable vision moving forward, along with providing a rundown of the upcoming game. Huang has been involved with crypto since 2016 and has also built a successful career as a content creator ranging from vlogs to DIY videos, pranks and music and has amassed almost 14 million subscribers on YouTube. Save the catsHuang stated that her, and fellow co-founder Max Fu’s, love for cats was a key driver behind tying animal-focused charity work to Nyan Heroes. She said they have an ambitious goal of “saving 1 billion cats” from euthanization in animal shelters via charitable donations generated from portions of the project’s NFT sales. Nyan Heroes revealed their first efforts in this area on Dec. 24, when it announced a $250,000 donation from the proceeds of its first NFT drop to the non-profit Best Friends Society. ‘That was one of the proudest moments I’ve had in this project,” she said.Crypto saves lives! Thank you @nyanheroes for your amazing donation of @ethereum for the animals! Their fundraiser raised $250,000 to help cats just like Pumpkin ^ac pic.twitter.com/MTCKEYUTtp— Best Friends (@bestfriends) January 3, 2022Best Friends Society provides a “no-kill” sanctuary for orphaned animals and also prevents cat and dog deaths in shelters across the U.S. through its charity work. The group estimates that its “no kill” movement has helped reduce the number of cat and dog deaths in animal shelters from 17 million yearly to around 347,000.Huang revealed that the game project will be launching a DAO that will give its members voting rights on where Nyan Heroes donations will be allocated in the future. “We’ll be creating a young hero DAO. And part of that DAOs responsibilities will be deciding where to donate funds to, to which animal shelter and to what causes in that particular realm.” she said. Related: Play-to-earn game hosts Christmas charity drive for Ol Pejeta ConservancyNyan HeroesHuang highlighted that a major sticking point for P2E blockchain games is sustainability over a long period of time. She said many P2E games are reliant on a continual stream of new users to remain profitable and suffer from players continually cashing out and taking value out of the game. “We don’t know how many players will be coming into the economy. So we need to realize that building a game is not only about the game play, but about the economic system and how sustainable everything is,” she said. Huang said Nyan Heroes sustainability model is built off several factors such as introducing an in-game stablecoin to reduce volatility of the its assets, staking rewards on NFTs and a triple A gaming experience similar to Fortnite which has “historically attracted players” who want to spend money on the game: “The way we address it is to come up with a better game where users will actually want to play the game and inject value into the system to balance out the players that come into the ecosystem to take value out.”“We keep the in-game token stable so that the value of your in-game items isn’t going to crash and burn. And we feel like that’s what players need to want to stay with a game. You don’t want your in-game items to be worth $1,000 one day and then $10 dollars the next,” she added.Proudly introducing our new expanded team! With decades of experience in AAA studios like Riot Games, EA, Ubisoft and Respawn, our team is ready to take NH to new heights in 2022!This is only just the beginning, you are here early. The amazing team:https://t.co/0cmPgsaigh pic.twitter.com/3R3l18E3gO— Nyan Heroes (@nyanheroes) December 29, 2021

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Fractal: 110K join Discord of Twitch founder’s new NFT gaming marketplace

Twitch co-founder Justin Kan launched a new blockchain gaming-focused NFT marketplace yesterday dubbed Fractal.Fractal’s Discord group has since amassed more than 111,000 members, despite only being announced two weeks ago. At the time of writing, it appears that the most significant sale on the platform so far was for a Baby Scoot NFT that went for 4 Solana (SOL) worth roughly $680. The Solana-based marketplace enables users to buy, trade and hold NFTs used in blockchain games. In an announcement made yesterday, the firm unveiled its first partnered blockchain games, including The Sandbox, Nyan Heroes, Caveworld and Genopets, to name a few. first of all: we are live https://t.co/y2yO4R7Ty2— fractal ❄️ (@fractalwagmi) December 30, 2021As part of the announcement, Kan labeled the 111,000 strong Fractal community as one of the “fastest-growing” in crypto and added that:”Durable digital assets through NFTs are the future of gaming. We’ve partnered with some of the most innovative gaming companies on the Solana blockchain to bring that future forward.””Players are excited about blockchain games and we’re excited about all the new experiences that will be enabled by them,” he added.In a separate blog post, Fractal also revealed that it would be airdropping 100,000 Fractal NFTs to its members, teasing that they may hold governance rights over the marketplace and in-game provide in-game benefits in the future. “Fractals will come with benefits both on the Fractal marketplace and within our community. Mysterious and powerful, their full potential is yet to be discovered. Perhaps in the future, they may grant special powers and abilities in your favorite blockchain-based games, or unlock the doors to exciting new worlds ripe for exploring,” the post reads. Fractal also hinted that it would eventually expand support to other blockchains, with Ethereum likely to be the next in line considering that The Sandbox metaverse project is built on the network. As it stands, users are currently able to connect Solana-friendly wallets such as Phantom and buy and sell any of the NFTs from Solana-based gaming projects. Related: Nifty News: Decentraland Times Square NYE party, Mutant Apes go bananasSpeaking with Cointelegraph, Wendy Huang the co-founder of Australian-based Nyan Heroes cited the strong team behind Fractal as a key reason behind the company’s decision to partner with the platform.“Fractal’s game-centric NFT marketplace has the potential to become the premier hub and aggregator for gamers and gaming communities. The strength of their founding team gives Nyan Heroes further confidence that they could grow into a Steam-like platform,” she said.

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Gamer-hate: Ubisoft's new NFT project vid gets 96% dislike ratio

French gaming giant Ubisoft Entertainment SA’s new nonfungbile token (NFT) project Quartz is facing strong pushback from the gaming community. Ubisoft unveiled the Beta launch of Quartz via a brief YouTube video on Dec. 8 that has 214,721 views at the time of writing. The project aims to combine NFTs and blockchain technology with existing Triple-A game titles, and announced Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint as its first game to officially integrate NFTs. The video introduces Quartz as a platform that enables gamers to “collect the first playable and energy-efficient Ubisoft NFTs” that are dubbed as “Digits.” YouTube recently changed its policy to hide the number of dislikes a video on the platform gets, however the number can still be accessed by Google Chrome extensions. Upon using an extension, the video currently shows 1,400 likes and 37,000 dislikes which equates to a dislike ratio of roughly 96%. One of the top comments on the video from user “OperatorDrewski” currently has 2,600 likes with zero dislikes, and blasts Ubisoft’s NFT project as a quick cash grab as opposed to improving the overall gaming experience: “To me, this is a blatant signal that you’re just milking the Ghost Recon franchise for literally every cent while putting in minimal effort into the actual game itself. Not playing a GR game in the future if there’s this level of degeneracy in the team.”“You took a solid franchise and absolutely made it a laughing stock,” they added.This opinion appears to be shared by a significant number of the community, with users on Twitter also lashing out at the firm in response to its latest announcement as they threatened to uninstall the firm’s games and boycott Ubisoft completely. Because of my personal view of NFTs and not because of the environmemt entirely, I will now proceed to uninstall anything related to you right now and cease further purchases of your games.That is all. For people that dislike Current Ubi’s marketing, just stop buying.— Skyeeeely – Lazy VStreamer Cat (@Sukaaaily) December 7, 2021A Dec. 8 post over on the r/gaming page on Reddit shows a concerted effort to boycott the new NFT project. The post titled “do not support “Quartz”, the new NFT Ubisoft marketplace” from “u/WolverineKuzuri93” currently has 2,500 comments and an upvote ratio of 93% at more than 13,400 upvotes. The Redditor highlights similar issues to the top commenter on YouTube, noting that:“We have to stand against this practice. […] This is just another way to nickel and dime players with cosmetics rather than focusing on making quality products with depth. We have to let companies know this is anti-consumer.”“I’m not entirely against the concept of using an NFT style system for digital games. For example, actually owning your digital copy rather than just a license so you can sell it to another user’s account. That’s actually the future of digital gaming. What I’m against is how Ubisoft are doing it with in-game items,” they added. Gamer backlash to NFTsThis is not the first time a major firm has been flamed for looking at, or launching into the world of NFTs. Cointelegraph reported last month that community messaging app Discord was forced to walk back its Ethereum-based NFT integration plans, after the gamer community bombarded CEO Jason Citron. Citron initially teased his firm’s plans via a screenshot of a beta feature showing Ethereum NFT wallet support, however he was promptly hounded with thousands of comments calling on him to abandon the plans along with users threatening to cancel their paid Nitro subscriptions.Reddit: OpenSea walks back on IPO plan following community backlashUnlike the case of Ubisoft, where the community appears to be peeved by what they assert is a cash grab, the crypto-skeptics on Discord believe NFTs are a Ponzi scheme and damage the environment due to the energy required to mine cryptocurrencies.Cointelegraph has reached out to Ubisoft representatives for comment, and will update the story if they respond.

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