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Why the world’s largest museum is embracing NFT technology

Eventually, all museums will build their digital copy in the metaverse, according to Dmitry Ozerkov, the head of the Contemporary Art Department at The State Hermitage Museum. Ozerkov is currently developing the “Celestial Hermitage”, a digital version of the iconic Russian museum, which will be exhibiting NFT art. “We are all moving into the digital era and our digital twin will be following us everywhere”, Ozerkov told Cointelegraph in an exclusive interview. The State Hermitage in Saint Peterburg, Russia, is the largest museum in the world by gallery space with around 3 million works of art. In September 2021, the museum took its first steps in the NFT world by selling 5 digital reproductions of its most famous masterpieces in the form of NFTs raising almost $450,000. In November the Hermitage launched its first entirely digital exhibition, titled ‘The Ethereal Aether”, where 38 NFTs are showcased within a digital reconstruction of the museum.Unlike the physical Hermitage, where visitors can only watch the works o display, the virtual exhibition allows visitors to interact with the NFTs on display. “You can pass through these doors without touching anything, while in the virtual world, you can do anything: you can play with artworks, you can make them interactive, you can add data to it”, explained Ozerkov.  The exhibition can be visited online for free until December 10th. As pointed out by Ozerkov, the interest of the Hermitage in NFTs transcend market dynamics and seeks to investigate the artistic value that NFT can bring into the contemporary art world. “My idea was to take a selection of existing works out of the market and to put them into the museum and to have a look: what remains in them as art? Is there any art there or we like, what we value in them is only money?”.Watch the full interview on our YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Russia’s largest bank struggles to register its digital asset platform

Sber, Russia’s largest bank, is apparently struggling to obtain a regulatory approval for its digital asset issuance platform as the company continues delaying registration plans.Sber CEO Herman Gref announced Dec. 7 that the bank now expects to get its digital asset issuance platform registered with the Bank of Russia by the end of 2021, local news agency Prime reported.”We are in constant contact with the central bank, and we are discussing various issues. We really want to believe that the platform will be registered by the end of this year,” Gref said.The new comments come almost a year after Sber initially filed an application with the Bank of Russia to launch a blockchain platform for its Sbercoin stablecoin in January 2021. At the time, Sber’s director of transactions, Sergey Popov, said that the registration procedure usually takes no longer than 45 days. As such, the bank was expecting to launch its platform and the stablecoin by spring 2021.While unable to move forward with the plans by the fall, Sber then said that it was planning to register its digital asset issuance platform in September.Sber did not respond to Cointelegraph’s requests for comment on the matter.Related: Crypto is a hedge for 46% of Russian retail investors, survey statesSber’s delayed plans hardly come as a surprise, as Russia’s central bank has taken a hard stance on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), and has even barred some major banks from offering crypto investment services. The bank has said that such services do not “meet the interests of investors and bear great risks.”In the meantime, Bank of Russia governor Elvira Nabiullina believes that tools like central bank digital currencies should serve as a good option for governments to replace decentralized cryptocurrencies.

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