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Cardano projects SundaeSwap and CardStarter squabble over failed promises to investors

The ongoing drama between two projects built on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain escalated across multiple social media platforms Monday, much to the dismay of the ADA community.The issues began in April when accelerator program CardStarter announced it would launch its own decentralized exchange or DEX. Shortly thereafter, its founders incentivized investors to provide liquidity for the project on Uniswap in exchange for native CSWAP tokens. The platform’s developers landed an agreement with a third-party DEX called SundaeSwap sometime later, marketing the deal as a “merger” last June. As per the agreement, CardStarter would no longer develop its promised DEX, and would instead provide liquidity to the existing SundaeSwap DEX.As told by Reddit user “Environmental-Law768”, investors were later promised “great benefits” during a YouTube ask-me-anything session for CSWAP holders in the SundaeSwap DEX. Last week, however, it was revealed that these so-called benefits would simply be a conversion from CSWAP to CardStarter’s native CARDS tokens ($3.14 at time of writing), at a rate of 400:1. Holders who had locked in $15M (at the time of reveal) worth of liquidity on the platform seemed to feel this was a slap in the face, amounting to no meaningful reward for their efforts. Allegations of a rug pull soon followed.Both SundaeSwap and CardStarter took to social media to place blame over the investor fallout on each other — much to the disapproval of ADA enthusiasts and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson.In light of SundaeSwap’s announcement, we share the following documents which we feel speak for themselves.We will continue to fight for the CSWAP community. pic.twitter.com/6oM2rdcKYF— CardStarter (@CardStarter) January 24, 2022According to a SundaeSwap statement cited by Hoskinson, the June deal was purely a marketing and collaboration agreement. However, the SundaeSwap team acknowledged using misguided terms on multiple occasions when communicating with users. To make matters worse, the freshly launched SundaeSwap DEX has already suffered from numerous user reports of failed transactions. During a YouTube stream Monday afternoon, Cardano founder Hoskinson condemned the heated exchanges between the parties. Hoskinson elaborated it was unacceptable for the fiduciary organizations involved, SundaeSwap and CardStarter, to use Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and other channels in social media to make their case. “It’s despicable. It doesn’t do anything other than try to abdicate your personal responsibility and damage the brand of the ecosystem as a whole,” said Hoskinson, continuing:Please, people, get your shit together. Both sides come together, agree to arbitration, talk to each other, and figure out whatever the hell you agree to get done. And if you can’t somehow survive the arbitration process, the courts are always available to you.

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VCs don't understand that Cardano has a community: Charles Hoskinson

In a recent YouTube video, Charles Hoskinson highlighted the rapid growth of the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem while clarifying the concerns raised by other members of the crypto community over the past year.“We live in a world where arbitrary groups of people get to be fact-checkers and decide what’s legitimate,” said Hoskinson while speaking about the government’s perception of cryptocurrencies. He pointed out that a vast majority of financial crimes are done with the U.S. dollar or other fiat currencies. According to Hoskinson, the growth of the crypto ecosystem this year might be slower than 2022:“It’s hard to argue with the $2.5 trillion industry and imagine where that’s going to go. I think we’re just going to digest as an industry the consequences for better or worse of becoming so big so quickly.”He also highlighted the need to change Silicon Valley’s “bizarre mantra of move fast and break things” in crypto, which caused losses of $10.5 billion in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space in 2021. Stressing on Cardano’s slow and methodical approach, Hoskinson said:“That’s why VCs don’t even actually understand that Cardano has a community. They think it’s just me behind a microphone.”[embedded content]Hoskinson also said that Cardano will gradually transition into a permanent open source project and compared it to Linux operating system. He hopes to move away from a hierarchical structure to open-source DApps developed by the members of the Cardano community:“They [the developers] should also commit to putting at least one of their developers to contributing to the Cardano protocol.”In the long-term, Hoskinson envisions faster completion of the Cardano roadmap through this “small resource commitment”. He called out YouTubers, podcasters and VCs that have questioned Cardano’s growth by saying “we’re number one for GitHub commits”:“If you’re such an expert that you’re going to opine on the quality of our comments then tell us which ones are wrong, which ones don’t mean anything and what parts of the roadmap we’re failing at dramatically.”Related: ‘The only thing holding us back is us,’ says Charles Hoskinson on DeFi’s futureIn a similar live YouTube session, Hoskinson spoke about DeFi’s potential as well as Cardano’s small role within the industry. According to him, developers and creators need to foster a more long-term vision:“It’s very hard to do this kind of engineering and to do it right, with an eye and foresight for the future. Unfortunately, many of the projects in this space will not stand the test of time. It’s just a fact that we will see a great extinction occur in the next five to 10 years.”

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