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Fractal: 110K join Discord of Twitch founder’s new NFT gaming marketplace

Twitch co-founder Justin Kan launched a new blockchain gaming-focused NFT marketplace yesterday dubbed Fractal.Fractal’s Discord group has since amassed more than 111,000 members, despite only being announced two weeks ago. At the time of writing, it appears that the most significant sale on the platform so far was for a Baby Scoot NFT that went for 4 Solana (SOL) worth roughly $680. The Solana-based marketplace enables users to buy, trade and hold NFTs used in blockchain games. In an announcement made yesterday, the firm unveiled its first partnered blockchain games, including The Sandbox, Nyan Heroes, Caveworld and Genopets, to name a few. first of all: we are live https://t.co/y2yO4R7Ty2— fractal ❄️ (@fractalwagmi) December 30, 2021As part of the announcement, Kan labeled the 111,000 strong Fractal community as one of the “fastest-growing” in crypto and added that:”Durable digital assets through NFTs are the future of gaming. We’ve partnered with some of the most innovative gaming companies on the Solana blockchain to bring that future forward.””Players are excited about blockchain games and we’re excited about all the new experiences that will be enabled by them,” he added.In a separate blog post, Fractal also revealed that it would be airdropping 100,000 Fractal NFTs to its members, teasing that they may hold governance rights over the marketplace and in-game provide in-game benefits in the future. “Fractals will come with benefits both on the Fractal marketplace and within our community. Mysterious and powerful, their full potential is yet to be discovered. Perhaps in the future, they may grant special powers and abilities in your favorite blockchain-based games, or unlock the doors to exciting new worlds ripe for exploring,” the post reads. Fractal also hinted that it would eventually expand support to other blockchains, with Ethereum likely to be the next in line considering that The Sandbox metaverse project is built on the network. As it stands, users are currently able to connect Solana-friendly wallets such as Phantom and buy and sell any of the NFTs from Solana-based gaming projects. Related: Nifty News: Decentraland Times Square NYE party, Mutant Apes go bananasSpeaking with Cointelegraph, Wendy Huang the co-founder of Australian-based Nyan Heroes cited the strong team behind Fractal as a key reason behind the company’s decision to partner with the platform.“Fractal’s game-centric NFT marketplace has the potential to become the premier hub and aggregator for gamers and gaming communities. The strength of their founding team gives Nyan Heroes further confidence that they could grow into a Steam-like platform,” she said.

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Edward Snowden says gamers could be vulnerable to exploitation using NFTs

National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden said he was concerned with how some privileged individuals or firms in the digital space might be able to use nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, in the gaming industry.Speaking with Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood at the BlockDown DeData online conference on Friday, Snowden said though he had seen some use cases for nonfungible tokens to raise funds for causes, he is concerned with the technology “creeping into gaming.” The whistleblower described certain aspects of the metaverse as “horrible, and heinous, and tragic” for aiming at capitalizing on users’ virtual escapes. “We have people that are trying to [inject] an artificial sense of scarcity into a post-scarcity domain,” said Snowden. “I think the community should very much be trying to bend the arc of development away from injecting artificial, unnecessary scarcity entirely for the benefit of some investor class.”Edward Snowden speaking at BlockDown DeDataWood seemed to disagree with Snowden’s claims regarding NFTs in gaming, equating virtual artifacts within games to artists selling NFTs of their own music. However, Snowden countered that gamers were “not paying for a guaranteed product” but rather purchasing the “chance at something, without the promise of something,” leaving the space open to exploitation. “I don’t have any issue with game developers restricting access to their product in the same way that they already have for decades before,” said Wood. “I see NFTs as a more agile way of restricting access to their product.” Snowden’s and Wood’s comments come as gaming firms seem to be casting a wider net for adoption of digital assets and NFTs. Andrew Wilson, CEO of major video game company Electronic Arts, said in November that NFTs and play-to-earn games are the future of the industry. There seems to be interest from users as well — on Wednesday, the NFT game Guild of Guardians announced it had sold more than $5 million of its native tokens in advance of its Q1 2022 launch.Related: Bitcoin got stronger despite government crackdowns, says Edward SnowdenSpeaking from Russia where he has been in exile since 2013, Snowden has continued to give interviews and express his opinions on Bitcoin (BTC) and the crypto space. The NSA whistleblower used BTC to pay for the servers he used to leak thousands of documents to journalists before leaving the United States.

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$106M worth of metaverse land sold last week: DappRadar

Four blockchain-based metaverse projects generated more than $100 million worth of virtual land nonfungible token (NFT) sales last week, according to data from DappRadar. A Tuesday post from the decentralized application analytics firm reported that between Nov. 22 and Nov. 28, activity was “booming” on The Sandbox, Decentraland, CryptoVoxels and Somnium Space with a combined $105.8 million worth of trading volume among them from more than 6,000 traders:“Undoubtedly, Metaverse land is the next big hit in the NFT space. Outputting record sales numbers and constantly increasing NFT prices, virtual worlds are the new top commodity in the crypto space.”The Sandbox represented the lion’s share of volume for the week with $86.56 million, Decentraland accounted for $15.53 million, while CryptoVoxels and Somnium Space generated $2.68 million and $1.1 million, respectively. All four of these metaverse projects are built on the Ethereum blockchain, although projects on other chains such as Solana are beginning to gather pace, too. DappRadar noted that “the wave of attention towards virtual worlds like The Sandbox and Decentraland started with Facebook’s rebranding to Meta.”“However, this is only the tip of the iceberg that pushed the term Metaverse into the mainstream. Virtual worlds carry such enormous potential, and we’re just beginning to see the full array of use cases for metaverse land,” the blog post read. Related: NFT sales aim for a $17.7B record in 2021: Report by Cointelegraph ResearchCommenting on The Sandbox’s enormous surge in NFT land sales volume, Yat Siu, chairman and co-founder of Sandbox’s parent company, Animoca Brands, told Cointelegraph: “Facebook in their attempt to usurp the narrative of the metaverse caused a chain reaction of other companies not in Web 3.0 (such as Microsoft) to also announce their metaverse strategies and created mass interest and awareness.”Siu contrasted Meta’s approach to the more organic, user-built environment of The Sandbox.“While not everyone understands what digital property rights really mean, enough of them are interested in this now, and this has created more net awareness. The Sandbox has captured the narrative of a real metaverse — one where you can really own a piece of it, and this is also reflected somewhat in the token price,” added Siu.Out of the four projects listed, Decentraland has seen the biggest NFT land sale over the last 30 days, with a plot consisting of 116 parcels of land in the virtual world’s Fashion Street District selling for 618,000 MANA tokens ($2.7 million at current prices) on Nov. 23. On the same day, The Sandbox also sold a tokenized ultra-luxury mega-yacht for 149 Ether (ETH) worth more than $666,000 at the time of writing. Top 10 NFT sales Nov. 22–Nov. 28. Source: DappRadar

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