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Crypto DAO spends €2.66M on Jodorowsky's Dune thinking they would own its copyright, receives mass ridicule on Twitter

Late Saturday, Spice DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that owns a copy of an unpublished manuscript of Frank Herbert and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s never-completed film Dune, announced its roadmap going forward. In the tweet, Spice DAO said it would “Make the book public, produce an original animated limited series inspired by the book and sell it to a streaming service, and support derivative projects from the community.” The group had previously won the Christie’s auction in November for the copy’s sale at 2.66 million euros (a little over $3 million), or about 89 times its price estimates at the midpoint.However, there was just one problem, buying a copy of a book does not grant the purchaser its copyright. In the United States and European Union, copyright typically extends throughout the life of the last surviving co-creator, and an additional 70 years after their death. Currently, the copyright owners Jean Giraud and H.R. Giger are deceased, while Jodorowsky is still in good shape at 92 years of age. Twitter users and crypto enthusiasts alike seemed to respond to the post with ridicule. One exceptionally savage user by the name of @TheNinjaWhippet responded with a link to a free and publicly accessible copy of the book, which has existed online since 2011. The post garnered over 3,500 likes.Anyway, if y’all wanna read a free and publicly accessible copy of the book, here’s one that’s been online since 2011 https://t.co/EQk8gUnDu4— Alex (Boba Fett Era) | He/Him (@TheNinjaWhippet) January 16, 2022Under copyright laws, Spice DAO must seek co-creator consent before making an animated series inspired by the book and selling it to a streaming service or wait 70 years after the death of Jodorowsky, which would be when the works enter the public domain. In addition, there is a great deal of uncertainty as to whether the copy can be resold at par, as auctions require works to be evaluated by an appraiser to determine their value. Spice DAO has approximately 1,236.12 ETH ($4 million) in its treasury at the time of publication. pic.twitter.com/sXIEkLdVMY— and enough champagne… to fill the nile!! (@GuyBeinDude) January 16, 2022

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NFTs to help brewers and farmers preserve UNESCO Belgian beer heritage

Brewers and farmers from Belgian Barrels Alliance (BBA) have partnered with Zeromint to offer nonfungible tokens (NFTs) aimed at preserving the UNESCO recognized Belgian beer culture and heritage. As a part of the partnership, Zeromint will mint and offer exclusive NFTs on the GoChain blockchain, which will be made available for international beer fans via BBA. Starting today, the organization will run several BBA NFT collection projects around sustainability and the preservation of Belgian beer heritage for the next 14 days.According to the official statement, the first Belgian Barrels NFT auction will be used to recruit 11 participants for acting in a BBA-produced movie titled Belgian Barrels:“The aim of the movie project is to further eternalize the Belgian Beer history through a professional cinematic movie production, which BBA plans to promote and distribute globally.”In addition, the NFT winners will join a whitelist VIP access to all BBA events and access to vintage beer menus and exclusive bottles at BBA clubs. “Eighty percent (80%) of the revenue generated from the NFT auction will go towards a local charity in Belgium,” the announcement stated. Tom De Block, Co-founder of the Belgian Barrels Alliance added:“Belgian beer is not just beer. It is a rich and complex history about old families and true people that became legends. It is simply an honor to open some of their bottles and to tell their story.”The Alliance also plans to launch NFTs initiatives to promote tree plantations and learn specialized artisan skills and traditions in addition to building engagement and reward opportunities for beer fans and enthusiasts. Related: Vodafone auctions world’s first SMS ‘Merry Christmas’ as NFT for charityBritish telco giant Vodafone announced plans to create an NFT of the world’s first Short Message Service (SMS) and auction the proceedings to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (the UN Refugee Agency).The SMS, that reads “Merry Christmas,” was sent 29 years ago over the Vodafone network on Dec 3, 1992, to Richard Jarvis, an employee at the time. As Cointelegraph reported, the historic 15 character-long SMS will be auctioned off in a one-off sale conducted by the Aguttes Auction House in France.

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3 embroidery artists weave NFT charity drop to help victims of human trafficking

Three embroidery artists — Russia’s Katerina Marchenko, Brazil’s Aline Brant and Ninni Luhtasaari of Finland — announced Thursday that they will be auctioning their nonfungible token (NFT) art pieces to support Hope for the Future (HFTF), a registered charity based in Austria. Proceeds from the auction will help victims of human trafficking find entry-level work positions after their harrowing experiences.Katerina Marchenko embroidering. Source: Katerina MarchenkoThe NFT sale will take place on Orica between Dec. 27–30, with each piece having a floor price of $500. The auction’s goal is to raise $10,000 for the employment program. “Even when one offers survivors the possibility to get out, they are mostly very traumatized by their experiences, they have little knowledge of the local language, and they must first become integrated step-by-step into normal life,” said Hope For the Future founder Andrea Staudenherz, adding:”Incredibly, these renowned embroidery artists can now support our charity’s work via Orica at different sides of the world. These NFTs are giving us the hope that we could fund five days a week of training in 2022. Our current budget only stretches to four.”Marchenko, who has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, added: “I’d followed this year’s excitement about NFTs but needed a reason bigger than being in it for the money. When Orica told me about Hope for the Future’s campaign, it became that bigger reason for me. I’m excited to auction my artwork for such an important cause.””Obra 6.” Source: Aline Brant Related: Moon Landing initiative brings neurodiversity to NFTs and supports art nonprofitsThe intersection between philanthropic ventures and NFTs has been developing rapidly this year. In one example, Orica partnered with registered Austrian charity Bbanga Project and German digital artist Mellowmann to host an NFT drop, with proceeds going to the construction of a school in Uganda. In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service permits good Samaritans to write off their crypto or NFT proceed donations against their ordinary income, thereby saving ample tax dollars while simultaneously donating to good causes.”Hold me tight.” Source: Ninni Luhtasaari 

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Vodafone auctions world’s first SMS “Merry Christmas” as NFT for charity

British telco giant Vodafone has reportedly plans to auction the world’s first Short Message Service (SMS) in the form of a nonfungible token (NFT) on Dec. 21. The SMS, that reads “Merry Christmas”, was sent 29 years ago over the Vodafone network on Dec 3, 1992, and was received by Richard Jarvis, an employee at the time. The historic 15 character-long SMS will be auctioned off as an NFT in a one-off sale conducted by the Aguttes Auction House in France, according to Romanian news outlet Ziarul Financiar. By auctioning off the world’s first SMS in the form of NFT, Vodafone intends to redirect the earnings to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (the UN Refugee Agency) for helping the forcibly displaced people.Source: Ziarul FinanciarThe advertisement banner above translates to “Merry Christmas. The world’s first SMS auctioned for charity as NFT”. Vodafone’s SMS NFT sale will take place this Tuesday on Dec. 21 via an online auction wherein the participants can place bids using Ethereum (ETH). The highest bidder will own exclusive ownership of the communication protocol that was used to transmit the world’s first SMS. Adding to the SMS’ glory, it took nine years for other networks to have Vodafone’s ability to transmit and receive SMS. This move of minting the world’s first SMS is another example of NFT’s ability to tokenize and digitally preserve history.Related: Adidas Originals to launch debut NFT collectionThe NFT ecosystem has catalysed crypto’s mainstream adoption as corporations find its use cases within their existing business models. Just last week, sportswear manufacturer Adidas announced the launch of an “Into the Metaverse” NFT collection. As Cointelegraph reported, the Adidas Originals NFT sale will be hosted on the company’s official website on Dec. 17 at a price of 0.2 ETH, approximately worth $810 at the time of writing.Just days before Adidas’ entry, Nike too acquired a virtual sneakers and collectibles brand RTFKT, signaling a strong interest in the metaverse.RTFKT is now a part of the NIKE, Inc. family. ‍ pic.twitter.com/5egNk9d8wA— RTFKT Studios (@RTFKTstudios) December 13, 2021

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First Wikipedia edit NFT sells at Christie’s for $750K

After celebrating its 20th anniversary in January, the free Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia continues making history by selling its first nonfungible token (NFT) via auction giant Christie’s.On Dec. 15, Christie’s completed an auction of two Wikipedia-related objects directly from Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales.Titled The Birth of Wikipedia, the online sale included two lots, an NFT of Wikipedia’s first edit, which sold for $750,000, and a Strawberry iMac used by Wales to create Wikipedia, sold for $187,500.Source: Christie’sThe NFT lot features the first message posted on Wikipedia by the site’s co-founder back in 2001, marking a unique moment in the history of the internet: Wales typed the words “Hello, World!” after launching the site on Jan. 15, 2001.The NFT preserves the layout of the Wikipedia home page in 2001, based on the earliest surviving source code. The NFT also has a feature that allows the owner to edit the page, which can be reset with a timer to revert to its original state.Christie’s senior specialist Peter Klarnet said that the auction’s result “underscores the burgeoning interest in the history of the internet among collectors.” According to the auction house, ​​Wikipedia will use a part of the sale proceeds to support Wales’ alternative social media network pilot project WT.Social.Related: Sotheby’s Metaverse announces latest and largest NFT charity auctionOne of the world’s largest auction houses, Christie’s moved into the NFT industry in early 2021, announcing the auction of its first-ever “purely digital work of art” by digital artist Beeple in February. Beeple’s NFT piece “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” sold for more than $69 million in March, emerging as one of the world’s most expensive NFTs.

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Ross Ulbricht’s debut NFT sold for $6.2M at auction

After announcing the launch of his “Genesis Collection” nonfungible token (NFT) auction, Ross Ulbricht, the alleged founder of dark web marketplace Silk Road, has sold his first NFT for $6.2 million or 1,446 Ether (ETH) at auction.The auction kicked off at Art Basel Miami via the SuperRare platform. FreeRossDAO, the decentralized autonomous organization set up to help free Ulbricht from imprisonment, placed the winning bid. The FreeRossDAO website states that the DAO aims to “advance prison reform” and to “share Ross’s work with the world and give everyone a unique opportunity to own a piece of it.”Ross Ulbricht’s “Perspective” $6.2M drawing from the “Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection” of NFTs.The first NFT sold, called “Perspective,” was drawn in prison using graphite pencil and is part of a 10-piece collection of writings and artworks made by Ulbrict throughout his life. The collection also includes an animated video made by audiovisual artist Levitate and with a voiceover by Ulbricht about his time in prison. All proceeds raised from the “Genesis Collection” will go towards the Art4Giving fund, a donor-advised trust created by the FreeRossDao as a legal entity to fund new legal proceedings and raise awareness, according to the organization. FreeRossDAO plans to fractionalize the NFT into ROSS governance tokens and distribute them pro-rata in return for donor contributions. ROSS holders will be able to vote on proposals and participate in the guidance of FreeRossDAO.Ulbricht’s NFT ranks among the largest sales within the last seven days, as recorded by NonFungible.

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